There are tons of scheduling software tools out there for freelancers. Finding the Right One that works for you, your budget and how you want to run your business can be a bit of a challenge. Between this website for authors and my other one for Small Businesses . We all pretty much start out small and would rather use a Free tool when we can. The problem is most are limited in how they work and which types of services they provide for Free and what is considered a premium service.

The top three I have tried are Calendly, Microsoft Booking, and Bookly (WordPress Plugin). Each has their perks and problems. Calendly wants a monthly or yearly subscription to process payments at the time of booking. Microsoft Booking is now more geared towards teams within the company and they have discontinued their Invoicing software. Bookly was pretty great as it gave you PayPal payment processing for free. However, with the recent changes happening with PayPal and freelancers in general I have decided to try something else. Remember that each integration of these solutions into my website was a bit tricky and time consuming but I wanted my customers to stay on my website to order services, schedule appointments, etc.

I decided to try SquareUp once more. They have been there for over 12 years offering great services for small businesses at low costs. They have evolved over those years and have improved in some areas and others not so much. However, they are one of the number one secure credit card processing companies in the world for individuals and small businesses. Yes, I have had to add each and everyone of my services again to my SquareUp Dashboard and embed the appointment scheduler into my website pages. I went ahead and adding an online page with their servers as well. Who knows, it might get me some more referrals. Finally, they integrate with Instagram and Google Business Pages so that future customers finding my accounts there will be able to Book an appointment inside app or the website.

This is my new Square Appointments and Booking Scheduler

Book an Appointment

You can start your own for FREE with SquareUp as well. No more hassles with Paypal processing and holding your funds.

If you have any questions about my services or setting up your own Scheduling Program for your Freelancing business drop me a note using my CONTACT US form.

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