Some of the samples of our promotional seasonal writers videos are below. Our clients need a wide variety of videos to feature on their website and social media pages all through the year. Some of these will highlight their books, others just to say, “Happy Holidays”. We usually create a YouTube Channel for each client with customized headers to upload and house these videos.

Every Season Needs New Promotional Writers Videos

That’s right every kind of business and every genre of writer, whether traditionally published or indie should have new videos created about their books that reflect seasonal trends all through the year. Some readers will enjoy seeing their favorite writers saying, “Happy Holidays” too.

Professionally Creator or Amateur Videos

Whether you elect to use our SERVICES or create your own using video creation tools on your computer or phone you really should consider creating fresh, new videos every single month. Most of the current social media platforms advise that you create and post some kind of content at least 3 to 5 times a week to keep your readers interested in your stories. It can get overwhelming.

For More Tips on Promotional Seasonal Videos and other book Marketing Ideas CLICK HERE Jolene has written 2 Book Marketing book and created 3 Calendar Workbooks to help you along your book marketing journey.

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