My Own Social Media Challenge Has Begun! I have finally gotten around to choosing a Newsletter application that integrates with my website and offers me all the features I wanted for only $79/year. It will allow you to create and send unlimited newsletters, email series, and integrates the WordPress subscriber system into their subscriber database. It will also allow you to import your email listing into their application on your dashboard using CSV (generic spreadsheet) file. Just download if from your Google Contacts, MailChimp, etc. You can also change the colors, layout, pre-set items to add into the newsletters and much more. It is simply called “NEWSLETTER” I started off with a FREE Use License and that worked great but now I haved createe an email series that is considered a premium service. The Premium License can be used on up to 3 different website. You can also have all the emails go through your webhosting email for FREE. It takes a few minutes to set up.

Simple Newsletter Plugin For WordPress

30-Day Social Media Challenge Email Series

For the first 30 days as a subscriber to our newsletter you will begin receiving one email per day (except the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th Days – rest and enjoy your day) – Each day’s email will have some helpful information about digital marketing, social media types as well as helpful tips and hints on creating engaging content to share with your readers. This is a FREE gift to our subscribers. In the meantime, we will be posting weekly blog posts and our subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter to enjoy as well. If you unscribe you will not receive any further emails.

What We Are Working On

We are currently working on creating blog posts, graphics and videos for our various different websites and get them scheduled out for the next 30 days. This ia a challenge in that we rund 10 different websites each month and each require a slightly different mindset. The easiest way I have found is to dedicate one day to each of the websites, get everything gathered and then schedule as much as I can before I run out of time. Then post the remaining contest later in the month. Our goal is to concentrate on getting more email subscribers to each of the sites, and get more engagement from those who follow us on social media. Using the S-M-A-R-T goals technique I have been stying in college that would be:


  • Specific – Increase Newsletter Subscribers by 10%
  • Measurable – Yes the Newsletter App will keep track of how many people subscribe
  • Attainable – Since we are mostly starting at 0 on some of the accounts getting at least 10 subscribers should be attainable
  • Relevant – This is more of an abstract concept but the number of subscribers means more eye-balls on your site and more buyers
  • TimeBound – 30 Days is our timeframe for this session.
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