ProWritingAid Versus Grammarly

ProWritingAid Versus Grammarly

ProWritingAid vs. Grammarly for Authors: A Published Author’s Take

As a fellow published author, I can break down the pros and cons of ProWritingAid and Grammarly to help you decide which is better for your needs. Here’s a comparison focusing on features helpful to writers and cost:

Helpfulness for Authors
  • Grammar and Mechanics: Both catch typos, grammatical errors, and offer suggestions for clarity. Grammarly might have a slight edge in accuracy, but it’s a close call.
  • Style and Readability: ProWritingAid shines here with reports on overused words, cliches, sentence length variations, and a “Readability Score”. It helps you write with variety and keep your audience engaged.
  • Genre-Specific Checks: ProWritingAid offers reports for dialogue checks, passive voice overuse, and even clichés specific to fiction genres. This is a big win for fiction writers.
  • Rephrasing and Tone: Both offer suggestions, but Grammarly excels with its one-click tone adjustment feature. This is handy for quickly shifting the formality or mood of your writing.


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