30 Day Social Media Posting Challenge – We are going to create 30 videos for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube posting for our services, about our favorite authors, books we have read and hope to read in the future as well as helpful videos for authors about their website, and other things that we can think of. All of this is being posted on my Jolene’s Books and More website and social media pages first. Once we get that up and rolling I will be doing the same thing for each of my side business as well. My Twitter feed, YouTube Channel, and Twitter feed are all combined with Southern Dragon Publishing, Jolene’s Books and More and North Florida Writers Blog Tour. I haven’t been able to get back to that but I hope to over the next couple of weeks. Please use our CONTACT US form if you have any questions.

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As you can see from the sidebar widget I have added my services to the Reedy’s Website. I also created some package special deals to my UpWork profile as well. Upwork has verified me. They handle all the financials and make sure that the customers get what they have paid for in a timely manner. YOU CAN purchase these same packages from me directly ( I would get a higher percentage because Upwork and Reedy both charge me a fee). But I do understand you may not know me personally and this will enable you to get some of the things you needed done without worrying about being taken advantage of. I, too, worry about that as well. I do not mind spending a little bit of my fees for Upwork to take care of the payments.

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Three Tiers of Book Formatting Specials that includes 3D Book Covers

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