Terms and Conditions

We offer Self Publishing and Website Design Services for new and established authors. Other Services we provide are Social Media Coordination, Virtual Assistant, and Digital Marketing. Most business is handled over the web, phone, and email system. We use an invoicing payment system for our service items and Paypal to process payments using their secure servers. We will never have access to any of your credit card or financial information.

Website Designs

Once you have signed your contract and the initial payment for services has been received for your project we will attempt to secure your requested domain name. Once we have purchased the agreed-upon domain and hosting package there will be NO REFUNDS for any reason. We will secure one year’s worth of website hosting through a very reliable web hosting company. If we cannot secure the domain name you request we will contact you as soon as possible with some alternative names for you to choose from. If at this point you cannot agree to the domain name then we will initiate a refund through Paypal and no further services will be done. Again, once we begin to create your website or blog all sales are final.

Currently, we only provide our services for U.S. customers and cannot provide them to anyone outside of our country. We do not translate any websites into any other language except English. For help with this, you might want to consult someone within your own country. And you must be at least 18 to request our services. We DO NOT provide data entry, blog entries, or write articles for any other website/blog but our own, unless you elect our monthly Virtual Assistance Service. You are paying for the website/blog design, web hosting, and a domain and/or maintenance of software for that year.

The Premium Service

for the initial one year period includes the domain name registration, website/blog hosting fees, website/blog theme creation, biweekly maintenance of your website/blog by one of our technicians (these include updating the software that runs your website, creating tags for your posts, pages, submitting to your website to search engines, typing in the SEO keywords, and FREE phone and email technical assistance with posting, adding pages, uploading photos, uploading videos, etc.). All you have to do is create your pages and add your content, write updates/articles and we help you connect your website to your Social Media Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest so that when you do add a new page or article they will automatically go to the appropriate Social Media Pages. All new customers will have also to get one email address for their website. This will have any name combination you chose such as jane.doe@yourdomain.com or maryswebsite@yourdomain.com or even info@yourdomain.com. We will send you the information on how to get your email once it has been set up. A separate email will allow you to keep your website/blog business separate from your personal emails. If you use an email reader program such as Outlook or Express we will send you instructions on how to set these up on your computer.

The Basic Service

for the initial one-year period includes the domain name registration, website/blog hosting fees, website/blog theme creation, and initial setup of your beginning pages. We will also make sure your website is sent to the major search engines after you have finished setting up your pages. Once you have posted your initial article/news update we will have a software service that will send those updates to the search engines and your Social Media Accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. We also will provide you with one email address of your choice with your domain name to use with your Contact Page. For Example jane.doe@yourdomain.com.

The Yearly Maintenance Service

includes checking the background software that runs your website/blog once a month for new updates. All software that goes into running your website is chosen for their ease, what they do for our customers and how secure they make your website from intruders. Most of these software packages are checked by their owners/creators and are corrected, will add new functionality, or just close any security holes that may be reported. This is handled through an “Update Is Available” message next to each component within your website Dashboard. Our Yearly Maintenance Service will do this for you. Should you not choose the Yearly Maintenance Service, you can subscribe to the Monthly Maintenance (We set up a monthly fee invoice through Paypal for you), or the Premium Service then you will have to pay the Technical Assistance Fee. For those familiar with WordPress as a Content Management System this Update process should be familiar and easy to do yourself. However, for those new to websites and blogs, we do offer alternatives to help keep your website/blog secure and working properly.

For any of our customers who did not opt to pay for the Premium Service or the Yearly Maintenance Services. Most problems can be solved with an email through our Contact Us form or a message on our answering service phone on the CONTACT US page. We will send you an invoice for these services. So long as you have given us enough detail about your request or problem will make the corrections, changes, or additions requested. Any additional time needed or further explanations required will cost more. This is done on the “honor system” and we expect the invoice to be paid within 10 days. Should any invoice for these extra services not be paid within the allotted time period you will not receive any further services from our company. You will not be eligible for renewal of your website either. We will send you an email with information on how to transfer your domain and website to another service provider.

Renewals of Websites/Blogs

After the first year of service, your website/blog’s domain and hosting fees will have to be renewed. If you chose to renew with us we discount your second year’s service and include the monthly maintenance in the renewal fee. We will also provide you with an updated website/blog theme. You can change your colors and add or subtract columns to give your website a “Fresh” look and feel. Once your payment is processed we will renew your domain, website hosting fees and contact you about your new look for the coming year. The renewal process is generally done one month in advance. We will send you a Renewal Notice in your email so please make sure that we have updated information.

Should you not choose to renew and let us know before your domain has expired we can send you the information on How to Transfer your domain and website to another service. Please remember that you will need to backup your website and database prior to making the transfer. If not done correctly you may have to retype your entire website/blog’s information again. We DO NOT provide this service. However, your new Internet Hosting Provider may be able to assist you with the transfer. This can take up to 10 days to complete so please start the process early. Should you choose them to continue your website service then the transfer may be much easier by you creating an account with them and asking for their assistance in the transfer and website setup. We don’t know if they charge for this service or will provide it for FREE to new customers. We will assist them in any way we can to facilitate the process but once you are no longer a customer we have no further obligation to you or your website. As for any other website hosting and domain transfer service out there we have no helpful information on that.

In the event you chose to ignore our renewal email your domain will simply expire and your website will be deleted. The domain registrar may charge an extra $80 or more for late renewals. If you wish to renew but your expiration date is past and not more than 30 days we will be happy to renew your service at our renewal rate plus the extra fee charged by the renewal company. This fee is subject to change so please renew on time or request a transfer 60 days in advance.


This is a new service for us to offer new and established writers. We offer to read through your stories and mark each word, sentence, punctuation that we feel may need additional work. You will receive a written report of our findings as well as your original work back after completion. Depending on the service you request we will need a minimum of 48 hours to complete most tasks.

Formatting your story in the required format of Smashwords, Google Play, Kindle (KPD), and others is a time-consuming task. We endeavor to create a document that will pass through each of these services’ online editing software and come out on the other side reading for final publication. We offer book cover design services as well. We prefer you send us your book in a plain text document and we will proceed from there. We include a formatted Table of Contents for each book as well. These will be clickable in your eBooks. Creating Indexes is trickier and you will have to contact us directly if you wish to include one for your paper/hardback book.

Social Media and Virtual Assistant Services

Digital marketing is now a commonplace requirement for all small businesses and published authors alike. You have to reach your customers where they spend the most time. We tailor a monthly service to you and your specific needs and requirements. We do require at least a 6 months commitment prior to beginning these services so that you can see if they are actually helping your business and gaining you new buyers. These services will be listed and agreed upon before any posting has begun. All invoices are billed at the beginning of each month and expected to be paid in full by the 5th.

Self Publishing Services

All of our packages and the list of individual services are delivered as you requested to the best of our ability. We will not claim any rights to your manuscript or any other fees unless they have been agreed upon. Any royalties you earn are your own. We can assist you with copyrighting your material, setting up your accounts with the printing companies, and linking your bank accounts with the sales mediums so that you receive your royalty payments when earned. We do not now or for the foreseeable future ask for a percentage of sales for any project that we work on for our customers.

We do advise you to get your own ISBN numbers (if you are able to), register your work prior to publication with the Copyright Office, then the Library of Congress. Once a physical copy of your book is published you will need to send 2 copies to the Library of Congress for their collection.

Payments and Refunds

All payments are processed through the secure servers of Paypal. We will never have access to your personal, credit, or banking information. We only ask for the minimum information for our local and federal tax information and accounting procedures. You are considered an Accounts Receivable and we have to prove that we have the basic information such as your legal name, address, phone number, etc. When you give us your passwords for your website, social media, and other sites that you use for your business we will keep them in the strictest of confidence. Once our contract is complete you can always change your passwords to something new.

Generally, we will not be able to refund any purchase when the contracts are signed and the work has begun. If you paid for an entire package prior to our work beginning and we have not begun your project we will refund you your full purchase price. If you have paid your first invoice and we haven’t completed your work yet we can refund you less than a $100 per day fee for services already begun. Please cancel your appointments within 48 hours to not be charged a no-show fee of $25 which we will invoice anyone who has scheduled an appointment and failed to keep it. Finally, for any preliminary meetings where we will discuss your project and you have paid the $100 fee in advance, we will refund it to you if you cancel your appointment 2 business days prior. Any cancellations after that but within 12 hours of your appointment will only receive $75 back. Since it is unlikely that we will get an appointment to replace yours we must charge a no-show fee.


We do not have access to your financial or credit information ever. We will never share, give away, or sell any stories that you provide us for editing or formatting.


We do reserve the right to add, delete or change our Terms and Conditions. All current customers will receive a copy of any changes to the Terms and Conditions Statement.


Once you have paid your invoice for your services we assume that you have read and agree to our Terms and Agreements.

Published By Our Company and Copyright

All items produced by our company that has our logo on the copyright page is protected under the U.S. Copyright Law for artist creations in digital as well as physical form.

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