Services and Costs

Services and Costs

Our services are available to any author whether they are indie or traditionally published. There are services that you may need to help you along your author’s journey. We want all of our fellow writers to be as successful as they can and want to be. We can help you reach your goals! Each of the categories below has a detailed description page, just click on their titles. For the A-La-Carte menu selections, we are currently offering good discounts. Prices are subject to change but will be posted on their page before they become effective.


  • Book Cover Design – Sized to Fit Requirements by Publishing Co.
  • Format Your Manuscript for Paperback and eBook
  • Book Trailer Video – 15 to 25 Seconds
  • 3D Book Covers – 5 different mock-ups
  • Quotes Video 30 to 60 Seconds or 5 Quotes Poster/Memes
  • Marketing Schedule from Pre-Launch to First Book Signing
  • A La Carte Services

    • Book Cover Design (eBook, Paperback, Hardback or Audio)
    • Formatting manuscript (for eBook, Paperback, or Hardback)
    • Book Trailer Video (15 to 30 seconds)
    • Book Commercial (30 to 60 seconds)
    • Light Editing (misspellings, grammar usage, punctuation, etc. No line edit or developmental edit) up to 50,000 words
    • 3D Book MockUps for Market (5 in each set)
    • KDP HARDBACK SPECIAL – Reformat your paperback version and your paperback book cover design to match
    • Memes and Quotes From Your Book from stock photos and your book cover for marketing (5 in each set)

    We do understand that this process is still fairly expensive but we will put time into it with you for your, hopefully, best, self-publishing experience. Once you have completed one of them you will have all the skills to do the next one yourself. Of course, we will be happy to do the heart of the publishing through the Economical Self-Publishing package.


    • eCommerce Web Design, Web Hosting, Maintenance, Domain Purchase for 1 Year
    • Premier Web Design, Web Hosting, Maintenance, and Domain Purchase for 1 Year
    • Economical Web Design, Web Hosting and Domain Purchase for 1 Year
    • Web Design and Pages with Photos Set Up on a Free Service along with training to maintain and use the site
    • Redesign your current website with a new look, color scheme, layout, and update the background software (WORDPRESS)


    • Our Digital Marketing Package (get all in one package or purchase separately)
    • Videos Using 3D Avatars and Computer Voices(15 to 60 seconds)
    • Phone or Video Training and Support
    • Create business Commercials – 1 to 10 minutes


    Everyone can use some help these days with the various tasks they need to accomplish in their business. We offer per-project packages as well as weekly or monthly packages with an option for more at a reduced rate. Please check out the description page for more information and our current pricing. (writing articles, creating social media posts, posting social media posts already created that cannot be auto-scheduled, sorting through your email, maintaining your WordPress and ensuring SEO compliance, and much more).


    When you are ready to become our client we ask that you fill out our Customer Registration page. It asks just basic information about you, what services you are interested in pursuing and you are able to send us a couple of files. For instance, your book cover(s), your manuscript in text, Microsoft document, or Adobe Reader PDF. You can even send us some raw video in .mp4 format for us to use in your promotional materials. We will email you confirmation of receipt and let you know the next step in the process.

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