Welcome to Southern Dragon Publishing

Welcome to Southern Dragon Publishing

Welcome future writers and current authors to our Southern Dragon Publishing company website. We will be adding information, resources, tips, and tricks for those who wish to publish and market their stories. Our services categories are below. We have detailed information about each service and a pricing schedule on separate pages. We look forward to helping you on your self-publishing journey.

Our Services are broken down into 4 different major components

  1. Self Publishing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Website Design, Hosting, and Maintenance
  4. Virtual Assistant

Each of these is explained on our Services and Costs Page

If you would like to make a preliminary appointment to discuss your needs we have an online scheduler for Zoom meetings below. You can also choose to meet in person at our offices at the Blanche Hotel in Lake City, Florida. Other in-person meetings might be arranged but we will have to charge a fee for those to cover our gas and time.

Book Appointments via Zoom

First 30 Minute Consultation is Free – Go the the Schedule Appointment Page

Become a Client

For those who would like to become a client – Go To Customer Registration

Highlighted News and Events

Summer Birthday Specials for my Fellow Authors Out there – Just to get the ball rolling and to help out some of my fellow authors on TikTok/BookTok/AuthorTok and even Bookstagram/AuthorsOnInstagram — whatever social media you are coming from check out my birthday specials page!

Some of the highlights in the news for us is that we are revamping the First Season of the One Minute Mystery Showfor publication on our YouTube Channel and Podcast. Stay-tuned for more information about that in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the second season of the show begin before the end of summer and will have a page here on this website.

The Podcast has it’s own page here on our site with a widget from Apple so you can see the list of episodes available. We have figured out the whole subscription thing yet and that will have to wait another couple of weeks as well.

Finally, Jolene has created her own Patreon account that focuses on information, hints, tips, videos and more for those who are currently writing and traveling in an RV or would like to start a business writing and begin traveling around the country in an RV. Of course, this can work with van-lifers, caravaners in other countries and possibly even backpackers around the world.

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