We are in the process of revamping the 1 Minute Mystery show for the coming fall. I am in the process of creating a studio background more in keeping with a theater scene for the video shows and upgrading my recording equipment to help with the sound recordings for the audio show on iTunes. Join our Newsletter to keep up on the great changes happening with all the projects were currently developing.

Season 2 is in the Works

We are in the process of updated the look and format of the One Minute Mystery Show for the Second Season. It will be longer than a minute and will have a mystery writing discussion as well as a critique of the mystery itself. If you or a fellow mystery writer would like to join in on the fun discussing this week’s mystery or even a 1-Minute Mystery of your own that you have written please use the form below and get in touch. Guests are always welcome and Flash Mystery Fiction is as well!

1 Minute Mysteries Podcast

1 Minute Mysteries PodcastOur 1 Minute Mystery Series is an evolving program where we read what is now called a flash fiction mystery from a book published in 1932 by H.A. Ripley as a party game. He wrote over 70 mysteries in the book each self-contained and can be read in about a minute or two. We are always looking for fresh material so if you would like us to read one of yours, PLEASE get in touch using the CONTACT US form with “1 Minute Mysteries” as the subject. You will, of course, be given credit for the submission. The work is still yours you have just given us permission to feature it on our show. Our hope to is someday create a book of flash fiction mysteries and all the authors who participate will be given preferential access to the book and a participation in any royalties we might earn for the sale.

Season 1 on iTunes

Watch Season 1 Episodes on our YouTube Channel

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