Purchase Some of the Books We Have Published

Purchase Some of the Books We Have Published

Purchase Some of the Books We Have Published

Jolene has been converting her published books over to the Southern Dragon Publishing label. For those wishing to purchase one of our publishing packages please know that we request that you add our name and website to the front matter as a book services and not as your actual publishing. You will be your publishing and all the account information as well as the royalties will be paid directly to you. Our fees are paid upfront and we are assisting your with your independent publishing journey through the more popular “Print-on-Demand” services.

Check out some of the books we have published as Southern Dragon Publishing

Book Reviews Workbook – Practice Writing Reviews and Become a Professional

Limericks – Create Your Own: Workbook

Passed Down Recipes: From all the Past Generations of Men and Women in Our Family

2023 Weekly Calendar Black Leather Edition

These books are Print-On-Demand, Independently published and are being sold on Jolene’s Books and More Online Bookstore. Jolene purchased the author copies in paperback will mail them out once purchased. If you would like to discuss becoming a client with Southern Dragon Publishing you can either:

Schedule a Free 30 Minute Zoom Conference to discuss the matter.

Fill Out the Customer Registration Form and we will contact you via email or on the phone..

You can also purchase most of these books and more from Jolene MacFadden from her Amazon Author Page.


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