Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services


Virtual Assistant Services comprises a wide variety of potential tasks that can be done for you and your business. We can provide those services regularly or case-by-case basis. Yes, everyone can use some help these days with the various tasks they need to accomplish in their business. We can offer per-project packages as well as weekly or monthly packages with an option for more at a reduced rate. (writing articles, creating social media posts, posting social media posts already created that cannot be auto-scheduled, sorting through your email, maintaining your WordPress and ensuring SEO compliance, and much more).

These are considered on a case-by-case or project basis. We can offer a day, a week, a month, or continuous services online such as data entry, appointment setting, excel spreadsheets, training manual, etc. Any services we can provide online on a laptop in a variety of different software packages can be arranged and must be paid for in advance. We will add a listing of services as we develop them.

As with the other services you can elect to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to determine your needs. The initial conference to discuss the cost sheets, requirements and to sign our contract is $140 in advance. Once we have agreed on the terms the $140 will be discounted from your first invoice.

The average cost per hour is about $35 in block of 4 minimum to start.

Please use the Customer Registration Form to explain your needs, how I can contact you either via a phone of video conference.

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