Our Digital Marketing Package (get all in one package or purchase separately) $700

  • Articles for the upcoming book, the premiere of the book, and book signing events (virtual or in-person)
  • 3D Book MockUps for Market (5 in each set)
  • Memes and Quotes From Your Book pictures for marketing (5 in each set)
  • Book Trailer Video (15 to 60 seconds)
  • Author Commercial (1 to 3 minutes)
  • Create a Marketing Schedule with a listing of post ideas for the website and social media.

The payment for these services are due prior to work beginning. Please schedule the Preliminary Schedule Session to discuss the terms and conditions, your requirements and a contract for services that will be signed digitally. Once work has begun there will be no refunds. You will be allow 1 round of edits at no additional charge. The entire package will be delivered within 7 business days.

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More added in the future

Videos Using 3D Avatars and Computer Voices – $250 (15 to 60 seconds)

There are some instances where you would like a 3D spokesperson and/or computer-generated voice promoting your products, books, or services. This can be a very expensive format for your videos. We can help you. If you just don’t want yourself in the video for whatever reason we can provide you with a Computer-generated person – 3D Avatars – and/or computer-generated voices for your video. Technology has come a long way. We subscribe to a service that can provide 1000 different variations in the model, clothing, body, etc. of the avatars and quite a few different voices including male, female, or children with different accents or plain English.

We do have the capability of translating into other languages but someone on your team must create the script and check for the accuracy of the translation. Just offering your marketing materials in at least one other language (Such as Spanish) can bring you tons of other customers. This service is extra of course and approved on a case-by-case basis.

This package is payable on the date of the scheduled online meeting. Please create a the Preliminary Scheduled Session and we will discuss the the terms and conditions, your requirements finally, digitally sign the contract for service. Once the work has begun there will be no refunds given. You will be allow 1 round of edits at no additional charge.


Phone or Video Training and Support $100/Hour

Phone or Video Training and Support. If you haven’t elected to pay for our yearly website maintenance service, we can help you with your website on the phone or video conferencing on Zoom. Zoom conferencing is much easier so long as you have a decent internet connection. The price is per hour with a minimum one-hour service fee payable in advance. Please use our Scheduling Page to Choose the Date and Time of Your Zoom Session. An Invoice is attached and must be paid to complete the request.

We do offer an “in-person” training session for one hour if you live in the North Florida area preferably at one of the local libraries in Columbia, Suwannee, Lafayette, Baker, Gilchrist, Alachua, Putnam or Hamilton counties. You can use the Scheduling Form to tell us of your requirements and the cost for the session is $150. And you will be able to choose which library we can meet to have your training session

Author Event/Publicity Commercials – $500

We will create a 3 to 5 commercials that are between 1 to 3-minutes long of the books you have published, the one you will be publishing or the events you will be participating in to sell your books. The videos will be in the size and format that will best fit the requirements for posting onto your website, YouTube Channel or any other of your social media pages. These are simple commercials with information, pictures (perhaps a short recording or your office), and recordings of your voice reciting your information. You can provide the raw video from around your home office and we will edit them into fun and informative pieces of content. You will have a package of 3 to 5 different postings to use throughout the month to assist you with your marketing needs.

This package price is due on confirmation, please create Preliminary Schedule Session and we will discuss all the terms and conditions, your requirements and the schedule for delivery. The package must be paid for in advance. You will upload your raw videos, pictures and audio recordings to our secure online file storage on We will have your videos created within 48 hours after delivery. We do allow 1 set of edits at no additional charge.

30 Days of Videos for Website and Social Media Posting – $1500

Creating content for your website and social media pages can be a bit overwhelming. You want to concentrate on your writing, finish up the editing on your current project or get geared up for the release of your finished book. Much of that requires lots of planning and extra hype before, during and after publication. We will create for you 30 different pieces of content including videos, promotional photos, ad copy and articles to post on your blog, in your newsletter, on your social media pages and have ready for your press release. We take short videos from your daily life, a few brief interview questions, create some custom designed posters, 3D mockups of your book covers, write up the articles and then schedule them all for posting over a 30 to 60 day period. It is not all about selling but enticing and engaging your current and future readers. The package will be compiled, created and ready to publish on the agreed upon schedule within 7 to 10 business days.

We will create each video in two different sizes (Vertical and Horizontal). TikTok requires the vertical videos to look good and YouTube likes the horizontal ones. Instagram takes both and Facebook prefers the horizontal ones. We have a listing of the social media video requirements. You can use the same material on three different platforms but on different days. We can schedule each of these ahead of time so that they will not overlap but you will be posting consistently. At the end of the 30 to 60 days you should be see an nice increase in readership and viewing which should also expand into the next 30 days as well. This, in turn, will allow you to ascertain where your next digital marketing campaign should concentrate.

After the Preliminary Zoom Session to confirm the details of the campaign, 1/2 of the package price will need to be paid with the balance due on delivery. You are allowed 1 round of edits to the material submitted without an additional charge.

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