Digital Marketing Services


Our Digital Marketing Package (get all in one package or purchase separately) $700

  • Articles for the upcoming book, the premiere of the book, and book signing events (virtual or in-person)
  • 3D Book MockUps for Market (5 in each set)
  • Memes and Quotes From Your Book pictures for marketing (5 in each set)
  • Book Trailer Video (15 to 60 seconds)
  • Book Commercial (1 to 3 minutes)
  • Create a Marketing Schedule with a listing of post ideas for the website and social media.

Individual Services for Digital Marketing

Book Trailer Video – are simple videos with your book cover, sometimes music with flashing words or a short voice-over with animation and where to purchase. (15 to 60 seconds long) These are generally only about 15 to 30 seconds. If animations and/or information you want to give to your readers take longer you will need to chose (2) the number of items to be charged appropriately.

The first 30 seconds are $100 and the additional time is a total of $200. We will give you two versions of the video so that you can upload it to more social media platforms [1920×1080 and 1080×1920]


More added in the future

Videos Using 3D Avatars and Computer Voices – $250 (15 to 60 seconds)

There are some instances where you would like a 3D spokesperson and/or computer-generated voice promoting your products, books, or services. This can be a very expensive format for your videos. We can help you. If you just don’t want yourself in the video for whatever reason we can provide you with a Computer-generated person – 3D Avatars – and/or computer-generated voices for your video. Technology has come a long way. We subscribe to a service that can provide 1000 different variations in the model, clothing, body, etc. of the avatars and quite a few different voices including male, female, or children with different accents or plain English.

We do have the capability of translating into other languages but someone on your team must create the script and check for the accuracy of the translation. Just offering your marketing materials in at least one other language (Such as Spanish) can bring you tons of other customers. This service is extra of course and approved on a case-by-case basis.


Phone or Video Training and Support $100/Hour

Phone or Video Training and Support. If you haven’t elected to pay for our yearly website maintenance service we can help you with your website on the phone or video conferencing on Facebook. The price is per hour with a minimum one-hour service fee payable in advance. Just add this service to the cart, pay and we will email you your phone number or Facebook page to connect and begin helping you. This includes help with your website, creating book covers, book commercials, and any of the other services we provide.

We are also offering an “in-person” training session for one hour in person if you live in the North Florida area preferably at one of the local libraries or my office in the Hotel Blanche in downtown Lake City, Florida. The fee for this is $50 payable in advance which will cover my time and travel expenses. Please fill out the Appointment calendar below to pick your time and day. You will be taken directly to the Paypal payment form to pay for the service. We will email you to confirm the appointment and the place of the appointment (preferably at your local area library in the following counties – Columbia, Alachua, Duval, Clay, Baker, Union, Nassau, Suwannee, Lafayette, St. Johns, Gilchrist, Dixie,

Author Event/Publicity Commercials – 1 to 10 minutes – $500

Create Business Commercials that are between 1 to 3-minute commercials for the services you offer, or products you sell to post on any of your social media pages. These are simple commercials with information, pictures (perhaps a short recording inside your store), and recordings of your voice as a narration or you doing stand-up. You can use this as advertising for an upcoming sale, or just to get the customers to see what great products or services you offer.

We add the transition effects, animations, and other items to get your message across. These will be saved in MP4 format which is compatible with almost all social media and website software. You can self-host the video on your website, upload it to your social media pages or create your own Youtube page and upload it there for easier sharing. We ask for at least one week’s lead time per project. If you need the project saved in any other media format let us know prior to the completion of the project.

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