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Personal One-On-One Training for those who would like private learning sessions in publishing business related subjects. All classes must be paid for in advance by using the Book An Appointment. They will be taught via ZOOM. You will receive an email as confirmation of your appointment and a secure link to the Zoom session as well. Payment is Due at the time you make the appointment. We send out invoices from SquareUp or PayPal. To receive a full-refund you must cancel your class time at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date or no refund will be given. There will be a link in the preliminary email to cancel. Your payment will be refunded to the source it was received from.

We are running a special from this page only. When your schedule your one-on-one training session with Jolene the charge will be half-price until the end of December. The invoice will be sent to your email from her PayPal account and will need to be paid 24 hours prior to your appointment date. OR You can Use the SoDragonPublishing PAYPALME – You will need to use the same email to pay the Paypal as you will Making the Appointment so we can match them up.

Beginning Digital Marketing for Self Published Authors $200 for 2 Hour Class
Digital marketing is here to stay. Small businesses of any kind may not have the budget for a digital marketer or team but you can learn the basics and help meet your goals for the coming year. I help you understand the basics of digital marketing and assist you in creating a preliminary plan to get you started reaching more of your type of readers more quickly.

Beginning Website Design for Authors $200 for 2 hour class
Learning how to change, maintain and effectively use your website to its fullest potential is essential for any business person. To cut costs most of us learn how to create, maintain, and update our own websites. Once you are comfortable with the process you will need to develope the healthy habit of consistently maintaining the site as well as regularly posting new information, articles, pictures, and videos for your current and future readers to enjoy. I will work with you one-on-one to ensure you are comfortable with your site and its workings. REMEMBER: Once you have created your website it is YOURS and not subject to the whims and fancies of any social media platform algorithms.

Beginning Facebook for Writers $200 for 2 hour class
Social media pages are great places to gain new readers. They are also a fantastic place to keep your current readers up-to-date on the books you have published, the ones you are working on and any upcoming specials or events that you are having or attending. In general, connecting to them in a personal and profound way. Today’s marketing strategies should always include at least one social media platform. I can help you create your page, dress it up to reflect your book business brand and instruct you on how to keep it updated with regular posts, pictures, video and more. Please remember that this, as well as any of the other social media platforms you use to reach your customers, must be kept updated regularly.

Beginning Instagram for Authors $200 for 2 hour class
Authors today, published or not, have to be able to compete on several different fronts. This includes learning one or two social media platforms and engaging with your current and potentially new readers in a more personal way through your website and one or two social media platforms. Relating to the readers you wish to sell your books to is so important and does not have to cost you a bundle of cash even if you would like to have someone else do it for you. You can learn to do it yourself in the beginning and later hire someone to create content that reflects your personal book business brand. Consistent, fun and engaging content need not be all that hard to do. I can help you setup a business account on Instagram, design it to suit your needs and assist you in establishing a plan for the items that you will be posting on a regular basis.

Beginning TikTok for Writers $200 for 2 hour class
Creating videos with your smartphones, laptops and even your computer with a webcam these days is pretty standard. Best of all you do not have to use expensive equipment to get good, clear and professional results. I can help you create your account, design the look of your profile, connect it to your website and teach you how about creating engaging content, how to post from your phone and your computer and create a preliminary schedule for posting. This has been one of the fastest ways for new authors to gain new readers, find other authors, and have great discussions about books and writing.

Beginning Pinterest for Authors $200 for 2 hour class
Most of the social media platforms are all becoming more and more alike. They do reach different types of people and in varying age groups. They even use different ways to communicate and share different ideas. Pinterest began as a picture sharing site only. They are slowing progressing to include short videos as well as clickable pictures. You can tell a compelling story about your story with a picture with a quote from your book or a short video with moving text but do not neglect to fill out the description are with keywords, a good descriptions and a link it back to your website (If it lets you do that). I help you set up your account, design your business profile, and go through the different ways to post. You will also get checklist with helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Pinterest.

Beginning YouTube for Small Business $200 for 2 hour class
Committing to a YouTube Channel for your author business will require you to devote some quality time every week creating new videos. They can be informative videos, fun videos, event videos, which book you have ready for pre-order, and even you reading from one of your books for a few minutes. They do not have to be long. You can start with 30 second fun ones and intersperse longer ones as you can. I can assist you in setting up your YouTube Channel, create a cohesive profile and channel design with links to your website and other social media pages. Together we can practice how to upload the videos, all the different parts of the upload process and then how to share you videos every time they are created. Consistency is the key. Asking people to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe is also redundant but needed as well. A “call to action” will help you guide the viewers to your website, your books, your next event, etc.

The day before your scheduled class time I will be email you an information sheet for the topic under discussion for each class that you have ordered. This will give you time to write up any questions you might have prior to attending. Having notes on what you would like to know about will also help me ensure that I touch on all of your concerns during our session. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for future classes or training, please use my CONTACT US form and let me know.

I have published two different books to help you get started with digital marketing. One is a basic primer on the subject called – “Top Ten Ways to Market Your Book For Free“. The other is considered the next level up book called, “Authors – How to Brand You and Your Books“. Both have some great helpful tips and tricks about websites and social media.

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