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Designing a website takes time, patience, and a clear understanding of what the client is really looking for for the business. Choosing the color schemes, the layout, the hosting company, and the words, pictures, and videos that will be presented takes a lot of planning. The actual mechanics of the creation if fairly straight forward and I utilize the many free resources available through the Content Management System called WordPress. I have created WordPress websites for many years and have tested out a lot of features, participating in the forums to help improve the format, and have enjoyed the journey so far. I have created websites just using HTML when I was younger and even used quite a few of the free web builders but I also seem to come back to WordPress.

It does have its quirks but it is considered public domain software and there are millions of volunteers around the world that use it and keep improving it every single day. The only question you may have is which hosting service you would like to use for hosting your WordPress website. Those and many other questions I help my clients answer every day. Below are some pictures of the websites I have designed and still maintain for my clients today.

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