Writers Website Designs are important when finding and keeping your readers. Designing a website takes time, patience, and a clear understanding of what our clients are really looking for to promote their books. Choosing the color schemes, the layout, the hosting company, then the words, pictures, and videos takes a lot of planning. The actual mechanics of the creation is fairly straight-forward. I utilize many free resources available through the Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress. I have created WordPress websites for many years and have tested out a lot of features, participated in the forums to help improve the system, and have enjoyed the journey. I have also created websites just using HTML when I was younger and even used quite a few of the free web builders but I always seem to come back to WordPress.

WordPress does have its quirks but it has been kept updated and relevant by a worldwide team of volunteers. It can be very expensive to get started with a website and we can help you walk through your choices. Send me a message using the CONTACT US form.

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