A Peek into 2024 and some of the upcoming programs we are creating, updating, and revamping for our customers as well as our fellow writers out there. This is going to be the year of informative, fun and, we hope, bigger participation in our programs. The more we all learn about our crafts the better writers and providers we will become. Then too, the more we share, the bigger and better things we can all accomplish. Since I have recently re-enrolled in college to finish one of my lifelong dreams of getting a master’s degree and perhaps even my Ph.D. in Business Communications and Media, my attention may be spread a little thin. However, it is also going to give me some new material to share. So stay tuned for more posts and videos about that.

For the coming months, we will be starting a new season of Jolene’s Book and Writers Talk Podcast. I already have one episode in the can that needs some editing and another guest scheduled for the first of next week. I just need to figure out the day and time for posting. Sadly, I can only do a weekly show as it takes a lot of time to get the various files ready for uploading and publishing to all the platforms. Please subscribe to my podcast on either my YouTube Channel or one of the various podcast distributors such as Spotify, Apple, or IHeartRadio.

We are always looking for guests to participate in our Podcast – Click HERE to schedule a Zoom time.

Online Writer Zines

North Florida Writers of all genres – get a featured article published about you and your books for FREE! Check out the simple application form and lets get you started on promoting you and your next published book – CLICK HERE.

Webs And Blogs for Writers is an online writers magazine created by a writer for writers. We feature author profiles, writing technique articles, book marketing tips and much more. Whatever you, as a writer, would like to share with your fellow authors we would be happy to either create an article about you and our books, published an article you have written or if you have a question we can do the research and write a response posted on the website. – CLICK HERE to send in your next submission

Repurposing Your Old Videos Social Media Post Pictures and Blog Posts

Did you know that you can “repurpose your old content”? Each of your social media videos can be used for different purposes with a few tweaks here and there. Then all you do is add a new description and use different hashtags and you are ready to go! If you like this idea and want to know more don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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