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The Mystery WriterThe Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill
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Theodosia Benton went to school in Australia to become a lawyer. Halfway through she drops out of school and runs to her brother in America. What she really wants to do is become a published author. She has a burning desire to create wonderful stories and get a traditional publishing contract. Her brother, already a prominent attorney and a partner in a Kansas law firm, wants her to have her dreams and agrees to allow her to live with him while she writes her first book. She devotes the next six months to doing just that. She hangs at at the local coffee/bar down the street from their house, meets published author who takes her under his wing. He doesn’t talk about his personal life only about the writing and helps her develop her story. When she figures out he is a ‘famous’ author she asked him to help her get an agent.

Theo is so excited about her writing coming togeher, her budding relationship with a published author and the friends she has made while living with her brother. However, all of that is about the change because in the background there is a web of lies surrounding them and their friends. The spark happens when Theo finds her author friend murdered. The actiion, suspense, and intrigue just keeps going from there.

I thought the action and intrique, twists and turns within the story were excellent. I read the entire book in one night and hope you will purchase a copy and read it as well.

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The Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill


We are enjoying the Net Galley Books we have been assigned so far. Their app could use a bit of an update as the next page swipe sometimes goes to the end of the chapter and not the actual next page. They do have a section where you give the publisher about any problems with the book such as typos, missing lines or holes in the plot. You do need to finish reading the book and post a review before the publishing day though. They archive books after publication for the most part.

The author has not updated her website in a while and might be a little behind on her social media pages so we wish her luck with this latest publication. Check out her website and follow her on her social media pages!

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