Some Of Our A LA CARTE Services

We thought we would expand on our explanations on some of our currently discounted Self-Publishing A LA CARTE menu items.

3D eBook Paperback Audible Covers or Meme Posters

3D eBook Paperback Audible Covers or Meme Posters helps with marketing by having a variety of different pictures to go with your social media and website posts is essential. Why not kill two birds with one stone with our specially created 3D book covers or meme posters with quotes from your books or even from your favorite writers. In this package, we will create 6 different 3D book covers and/or inspirational posters. You can always order more later. Please allow 4 to 7 business days for us to complete your order. You must specify in your order if you need an AUDIBLE Cover recreated from your original book cover. They do have different sizes, shapes, and placement of words on their covers than the other publishers.

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