We thought we would expand on our explanations on some of our currently discounted Self-Publishing A LA CARTE menu items.

3D eBook Paperback Audible Covers or Meme Posters

3D eBook Paperback Audible Covers or Meme Posters helps with marketing by having a variety of different pictures to go with your social media and website posts is essential. Why not kill two birds with one stone with our specially created 3D book covers or meme posters with quotes from your books or even from your favorite writers. In this package, we will create 6 different 3D book covers and/or inspirational posters. You can always order more later. Please allow 4 to 7 business days for us to complete your order. You must specify in your order if you need an AUDIBLE Cover recreated from your original book cover. They do have different sizes, shapes, and placement of words on their covers than the other publishers.

We require a clean and clear digital copy of your book cover, spine, and back cover of your book to create the 3D images. For the Quotes Posters or Memes, we will need you to provide the quote and the “book title/author/website link” as a reference. We will also add your website address or social media page links to each poster to aid in your marketing efforts.

Example – You Send Me This

“It was a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon with lightning flickering everywhere.” – Stormy Weather by Janet Doe





Book Spine


Design Book Cover Pictures for eBook and Paperback

We can create book cover pictures for your book from stock pictures or pictures you own in the colors of your choice and fonts you like to use. This can include front and back covers as well as creating one 3-D picture you can add to your website. We can save the files in either JPEG, PNG, and/or Acrobat Reader PDF format in a minimum of 300 dpi which is required of most printing services.

If uploading to KDP Amazon we have the template for each book size and will work with you to get it to pass their inspection software. For You will probably need a different copy for each edition of your books. One for paperback, one for eBook, and a separate one for Audio version. Amazon, Smashwords, and Ingram Sparks, etc. has specific requirements for sizes and file types. We can usually complete your order within 3 to 5 business days.

The cover is the first thing that your readers see and will, for the most part, will motivate them to try your story or not. You can just tell us what you envision and we create what you need. We will make up to 3 changes once the final edit has been approved.

Preliminary Editing for Grammar Up to 100 Pages

We can read through your story and correct grammatical errors and mark problem areas within your story. We will need at least a week’s lead time for any publishing deadlines you might be facing. This is strictly a preliminary editing service. If you need more assistance with crafting your stories you might want to join a local writing group or pay a professional editor.

For more than 100 pages you will need to add two of these products to your cart prior to submitting your manuscript in Word, PDF, or Text format document.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for use about this post or anything else within these pages please use our CONTACT US form. If you would like to schedule a preliminary visit to discuss your future needs and the services we can help you with then please use our SCHEDULING page. If you are ready to purchase one of our products please visit our Customer Registration Page and let’s get going!!!!

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