If you are on the fence about how to begin marketing yourself and your writing (published or not) we are here to encourage ALL of our fellow indie authors to “Just do it” and, of course, we can help too. We are offering a small digital marketing package for ANY independent author out there that would like to get started right away with digital marketing.

Each of the Al-La-Carte Services sections has been updated to include immediate self-checkout links to each of the services we offer today. For instance, near the bottom of the Self-Publishing page we have linked each of the services to the secure servers at Paypal. Once purchased you can go to the scheduling page to set up a Zoom conference for FREE. You can check out the list on the Digital Marketing page as well. The Website Design Services are all invoiced after the preliminary schedule meeting and contracts are signed.

For the Virtual Assistant Services, we can send an initial invoice. These services can include everything from writing up a blog post, creating a social media post and even creating a schedule for you to do your own digital marketing. We do a Zoom conference for one or two hours to ensure we understand your needs and requirements and complete the project within 1 to 3 business days. We do require the initial fee of $100 up-front and any addition payments need will be agreed upon prior to completion and invoiced when done.

Get a Book Promo Video Done

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