Do you need help getting your book published?

Our professional consultant at Southern Dragon Publishing is ready and able to assist you in all phases of self-publishing in today’s marketplace. We can format your book for all major self-publishing companies. We will provide the correct formatting for your eBook, paperback, and hardback versions of your story. We will ensure that it passes the company’s editors before we are finished with your project.

We can design a book cover for you that will be in the size and type required by your chosen publishing service. We will also provide you with 5 different mock-ups of your book for your marketing plan. Our videographer can create a book trailer using your book covers and quotes inside your book or from your synopsis. Which is so necessary these days for an effective marketing strategy.

We have several different price packages or you can order a-la-carte off the menu.

Premium Publishing Package includes the following services

  • Professionally Designed Book Cover – It will conform with the size requirements of the publisher in the colors, fonts you choose, and the theme appropriate for your book.
  • Correctly Formatted eBook and Paperback settings for one publishing service that you choose (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Spark, etc.)
  • We create a fun and informative book trailer (around 15 to 30 seconds) that you can upload to your website and social media platforms. (We include 1080×1920 px (width x height) version which is required of TikTok, Instagram Reels and 1920×1080 px (width x height) version which is required of YouTube and looks good on most websites) – GREAT FOR COVER REVEALS [with music and where it can be purchased]
  • 3D Book Covers – 5 mockups included with just eReaders, Paperback Stack, Front Cover of Book and eBook on iPhone, Front-Cover alone and finally Back-Cover alone. GREAT FOR BLOG POSTS AND ADS
  • One more video (30 to 60 seconds long) with quotes from your book or the synopsis. We include the author in the speaking part or AI voice. Yes, we will create both size versions for social media and your website.
  • Create a marketing plan for the next several months from prelaunch through publication and book signings if any. The author is responsible for following the plan in order for it to be effective but we do help with training, suggestions for posts, and a written plan.

We can break this up into two payments if necessary. $100 due prior to our first strategy meeting. Once the contracts are signed and we begin the work the $100 will be discounted from the first invoice which is due 1-7 days from the date of signing.

See our Services Page for more packages and pricing information.

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